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Turnhout is seen as the capital of the Antwerp Kempen, with many tourist attraction and beautiful nature.


City walks

A Turnhout city walk takes you past the cultural heritage of the capital of the Antwerp Kempen. You can choose between two themes: the walk around the playing card and the walk around the castle. Both walks with their departure and arrival on the Great Market Square can be combined.

Hiking in nature

Four signposted nature hiking routes and six hiking routes in reserves and domains keep drawing attention to different aspects of the Turnhout nature. One of the most beautiful and longest hikes is the fens hike, which leads you through the beautiful Turnhout fens area.

Cycling nodes network

The unique cycling nodes network allows you to put together and customize your bike ride according to your interests. The number of miles, through forest or through meadow, the number of attractions or bars... you can decide it all yourself. You just write down the nodes you want to pass and you are ready to go.

Thematic cycle routes

The bicycle nodes network around Turnhout is supplemented by a dozen thematic, loop-shaped cycle routes. The Landlopers route is a good example of this. This 35 mi long cycle route leads you through the neighboring municipality Merksplas to the picturesque center of strawberry city Hoogstraten. You will cycle back through the vagrants colony of Wortel and the Graafsbos forest, an equally beautiful route. Several shortcuts are possible.


The court of justice is now housed in the castle of the Dukes of Brabant. This beautiful building is located near the provincial cultural center 'De Warande', where every culture lover will find something to love


Turnhout is known for its many museums, such as:

  • The National Museum of the Playing Card (completely renovated)
  • The Taxandria Museum (History and Archeology)
  • The Beguinage Museum (the Beguinage of Turnhout is classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO)
  • The Natuurpunt Museum (flora and fauna of the Kempen)


Other than museums, you should definitely see the following sights during your visit to Turnhout:

  • The castle of the Dukes of Brabant (12th century)
  • The Beguinage (classified as a World Heritage site by UNESCO)
  • Cultural Center De Warande
  • Steam trains in the city park

Going out and shopping

Turnhout is a quiet, bustling city with fun events such as the Terrace theater, carillon concerts. De Warande offers a wide range of culture: theater, music, exhibitions, workshops. Something for everyone. The Utopolis cinema complex is an asset in bad weather.

The numerous terraces on the Great Market Square illustrate the special character of the city. Specialty stores still craft all kinds of delicacies, including the Turnhouts Troefke, a butter biscuit shaped like a playing card.

There are shopping streets in the immediate vicinity with many well-known fashion chains and stylish boutiques.


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