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This bustling metropolis is only a half hour car drive away. This city by the river, with its famous fashion designers, marvelous museums, tall cathedral, the famous zoo and beautiful city center, is a genuine Burgundian paradise. Taste the many local beers!


This bustling metropolis is only a 30-minute drive away. But there is also a train connection, and this way you will arrive at the 'railway cathedral' Antwerp Central. Known by many experts as one of the most beautiful train stations in the world! ...


Antwerp, with "The Antwerp Six", was already one of the trendsetters in fashion with the Sint-Andries district as its beating heart. The arrival of the ModeNatie fashion building—consisting of the new fashion museum of the Antwerp province (MoMu), the famous Fashion Academy, and the Flanders Fashion Institute—confirms this. This new place to be in fashion-conscious Flanders opened its doors on 21 September, 2002. Numerous stylish boutiques, trendy shops, and engaging thrift stores guarantee unlimited shopping pleasure.


Antwerp and diamonds have been a wonderful combination for more than 500 years. Thousands of Antwerp diamond workers ensure that 'Cut in Antwerp' remains the label for quality worldwide. The diamond district covers around 250 acres in the vicinity of Central Station. A Diamond Walk will lead you through it and will how you every facet of the diamond.


The Antwerp Zoo accommodates has some 6.000 different animal species: from unsightly little creatures to majestic giants. Other attractions are the Egyptian Temple, a planetarium, an aquarium, and the renovated aqua forum. The Antwerp Zoo is located near the Central Station. More information can be found on the site of the Antwerp zoo:


Near the Zoo, you will find the new Aquatopia, a collection of 40 aquariums with more than 3500 animals, from seahorses to sharks.

Museums and churches

Antwerp was an ideal working area and an important source of inspiration for many artists, craftsmen, and writers. Just think of Rubens, Jordaens, Plantijn, Elsschot, Van Ostayen... The result is a city full of art and culture. More than 30 museums, numerous historic churches (including Cathedral of Our Lady), protected monuments, and statues provide you with amazing culture.

City by the stream

Whoever says Antwerp, also says the Scheldt river and the port. A harbor tour and a boat trip on the Scheldt offer an excellent introduction to the intriguing world of ports and ships. A walk on the walking terrace along the Scheldt shows you how strongly the historic center is connected to the water. "Het Eilandje", literally situated in the middle of the oldest part of the harbor, is pure nostalgia. You will also find one of the two Antwerp marinas. And on the roof of the MAS (Museum at the Stream), you can enjoy a unique view of the city and the Scheldt for free. You will find the Red Star Line museum just a bit farther, the new museum on migration to Ellis Island in the United States, from 1873 to 1934.


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